May 08, 2004

What About Evidence of Competence?

I mean, if the dawn of truth is breaking you'd think somebody'd be bringing up the general high moral and ethical standards of guards and prison officials somewhere, unless there is no such thing of course. It's part of the story isn't it? And if you're going to indict the entire policy, doesn't the policy deserve to have its case presented somewhere? The ironic thing is that the only people talking about the overall good behavior of American and Allied MPs are Iraqis. Isn't that an example of information-age irony that belongs in the Guiness Book of Records?

Also, according to the same source the Abu Ghraib proceedings aren't playing all that poorly in the Middle East, and they're playing much differently in Iraq than elsewhere. (Hat tip for both items: Omar, at Iraq the Model)

I'd like to order another, bigger, helping of silver lining, with a glass of lemonade on the side, please.

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