May 13, 2004

So, since it came up, why don't we behead people?

I mean, it's so darned embarrassing to have to say we don't behead people. Who do I talk to about that?

When you think about it, compared to drawing and quartering, the damned lesser muslims are humane as all get out. Jeez, what a bunch of complainers we've turned out to be.

The problem with this discomfort as an unshared responsibility, where one side is trying to claim the high ground, is that it places all the Democrats in the benighted position of being softies on security. There was some Democrat Senator grilling Wolfowitz today about how making prisoners stand in one place naked for a long time with a hood over their head was "inhumane," and kept after Wolfy aggressively until he had to eventually allow as how it was prolly a little inhumane, yeah. What great fun! Well heck, we sure wouldn't want to be inhuman, or... well, "unpleasant," to this Zarqawi fellow, or his lieutenants, if we catch any of them.

So what's the upshot of this politicization of the rush to be more outraged? Well, after the next mass terrorist attack on the US in which the soft-soap interrogation techniques forced on us by this national blood-letting could conceivably be said to have let us down, all those great Democrat humanitarians will be bunched up into a nice tight little political target of opportunity.

In the side pocket.

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